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Car Shoppers & Owners: What to Know in the Age of Covid-19

Since late winter, many of our lives have been turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic. With so many unprecedented daily stressors to combat, we're here to tell you that your vehicle doesn't have to be one of them.

Whether you're considering buying a new car or worried about the one you already have, here are a few helpful facts to assist you in making a better, more informed decision.

Purchasing a New Vehicle

It's never been easier for you to virtually shop for and buy or lease a new vehicle.

Virtual test drives and scheduled appointments near your home or office are becoming more available. There will likely be some paperwork to sign in person, though electronic signatures could be here soon. Reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or pricing negotiations, and to see what convenient options we've made available.

Speaking of pricing, we're offering more buyer-friendly options than ever before. Make sure to check in regularly for current pricing events.

Maintaining Your Current Vehicle

Deemed an essential business, many automotive service centers are open and ready to help during this crisis. Since hours for some have been reduced, always call to check ahead on availability.

Even if your vehicle doesn't need essential service right now, there's still ways to keep up on its maintenance. We recommend starting it at least once a week. Able to drive it around the block? Even better, as it helps to maintain your battery and tires. Check fluids for leaks or evaporation. And don't forget to wipe down your vehicle touchpoints before and after use, especially if you are giving a ride to someone outside of your household.

We're excited to see you back at our store soon. In the meantime, you can shop with us online, or easily schedule a service appointment. Contact us today!

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